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BIE Variety Mint Error Lincoln Cent – What Is A BIE Error?

A BIE mint error or variety is exclusive to Lincoln Cents and is caused by a die break in the area of LIBERTY, and involves the letters BE. The die break is between the BE and looks something like an I, so it’s calle B-I-E or BIE error, variety.

The die break is an actual piece of the die that fell off the die and the planchet metal filled it in, so a BIE error break will look raised and irregular. BIE varieties are not CUDs and for more information on CUDs click here

A BIE mint error is actually a variety since this is a large chip or piece that fell out of the die face and several are coins were struck from the same die. You can sometimes see coins with progressions from small chip to a full BIE.

Also all Lincoln Cent dates can be effected so you can find them on different dates and mints. You can find a listing of these here

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