Presidential Dollar Facts:
The Presidential Dollar Program is scheduled to run from 2007 until 2016 and will feature all U.S. Presidents. These small dollars are "golden" in color but are not real gold, rather they're 88.5% copper plus small amounts of other base metals (see specifications below).

The dollar coins are the first US Coins to be struck with their edge lettering since the 19th Century, and became instantly famous when some examples left the mint without edge lettering. The mint errors were dubbed "Godless Dollars" since the motto, In God We Trust, is supposed to be struck into the edge of the coin. Also, on the edge, is E PLURIBIS UNUM (Latin for "Out Of Many, One"), the mint mark either (P,D,S), and is the first US Coin to have the date on the edge instead of the face of the coin.


Designer: Obverse (Many) Reverse: Daniel Everhart
Weight: 8.100 grams

Diameter: 26.5 millimeters

Thickness: 2.00 millimeters

Edge: Engraved (text "In God we trust" and "E pluribus unum", the coin's mint mark, and its year of issuance)

Metal Composition:
88.5% Copper
6% Zinc
3.5% Manganese
2% Nickel

Reverse the same on all coins, to date.
2007 Presidential Dollar Series Image
2008 Presidential Dollar Series Image
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