1927 Peace Dollar Image
PEACE SILVER DOLLAR 1921-1928 (1934-1935)
Matte Proof
Satin Proof
Mint Mark Location------->
---"V" In TRUST Normal
Designer Initials AF ------------------
Fields ----
Crown ----
Cherry Picker's List:

1921 The 1921 is a high relief coin, notice smashed hair.
1921 Matte Proof estimated mintage 15. Watch for fakes. A fake matte or satin proof will have their respective marks inside any contact marks, where someone applied the finish to a business strike 1921. A true proof's contact marks will not retain their finish inside their contact marks. Picture below.
1921 Satin Proof estimated mintage 10-12. Picture below.
1922 high relief is known as a matte finish proof and values begin at $65,000 in MS60.
1928-P Key Date
1928-S Semi-Key Date
1934-S Semi-Key Date
1927-D, 1927-S, 1926-D, 1924-S, 1923-D, 1934-P, 1935-S other better dates especially in the higher grades.
1935-S Found with either three or four rays below ONE on the reverse.
1964-D All of these were believed to have been destroyed before they were released to the public.


Designer: Anthony de Francisci

Diameter: 38.5 millimeters

Metal Content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 412.5 grains (26.7 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mint mark: None (for Philadelphia) below the ONE on the reverse


Peace Silver Dollars where minted from 1921-1928 / 1934-1935 & 1964. The Peace Dollar was issued in response to the end of World War I, hence the name Peace Dollar. The minting of the Peace Dollar was allowed due to the Pittman Act of which allowed 35 million silver dollars, held in vaults, to be melted and most of these were Morgan Dollars.

It's fascinating to think of what rare and valuable Morgan Dollar dates that might have been melted just to make a common 1922 or 1923 Peace Dollar. But, at the time, this wasn't even considered, since millions of Morgan Dollars were stored in bags and boxes in the basement of the U.S. mints, and not many collectors wanted them.

The series had a ran from 1921-1928, again from 1934-1935 and was almost resurrected by the Denver Mint when they minted over 300,000, 1964-D Peace Dollars but none were released for circulation. Eventually all specimens were melted, and no surviving specimens have been reported. However, rumors persist there may be some surviving examples of the 300,000+ struck 1964-D.

All Peace Silver Dollars were struck at the following US Mints: San Francisco "S", Denver "D", Philadelphia "P" or "Plain" (no mint mark on coin). The 1921 was struck with a High-Relief design, and look smashed on the hair lining the cheek of Liberty's Head. This High Relief design was halted for the 1922 series, but there are rare High Relief 1922 examples to be found.

Peace Dollars have never been as popular as the Morgan Dollar, but certain dates have been sought after over the years like 1928, 1921, 1927 dates and mints, and the 1934 and 1935 in the higher grades. Of course, any of the dates with mint marks, in high grades, bring a premium. Peace Dollar Proofs where only struck in 1921 and 1922, but are rare, and highly sought after.

Another aspect that has help the popularity of this series is their VAM attributions. A VAM is an acronym for Leroy Allen and A. George Mallis who where numismatic authors and researchers. Together they discovered many Peace varieties, or slight details and differences in the die strikes of each date. VAM collecting is a very popular, and often lucrative, cherry pickers dream.

Daniel Carr reproduced the 1964-D when he created a die with this date and mint and over-struck authentic and common date Peace Dollars. Mr. Carr only minted 1,964 and all sold out fast. You can still find a few for sale at ebay click here

There's also a few countefeit Peace Dollars on the market and they will be offered at low bargain prices. The couterfeits are obvious to a seasoned collector so if you're not sure then do some research at Peace Dollar counteerfeit identification.

The Daniel Carr specimens are beautifully struck coins, as can be seen by this image.
1964 Peace Dollar Daniel Carr Restrike
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Images of Each Date and Mint
Sharply struck Specimens
1922 High Relief Matte PR
1964-D (All Melted)