Goloid Metric, Gold Stella Obverse Coiled Hair, Dollar Pattern
1879 $1 Goloid Metric Dollar, Judd-1632, Pollock-1829, R.7

George Morgan's design for a goloid metric dollar with the bust of Liberty facing left on the obverse, hair braided and coiled at the back of her head, E PLURIBUS UNUM above and the date 1879 below, with stars on the left and right side. On the reverse, the elemental components are central to that side and surrounded by a small circle of stars, and two other circles of statutory requirements between the stars and the rim. Struck in copper with a reeded edge.

PR66 Red and Brown $12,650.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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