State Quarter Patterns
1999-P 25C Delaware Quarter--Struck on an Experimental Planchet

In 1999, the U.S. Mint was searching for an alloy for the eventual Sacagawea dollar that would have a golden color, and also possess an identical electro-magnetic signature as the Anthony dollar. This would allow Sacagawea dollars to be visually distinctive yet usable in existing vending machines. Like the experimental Delaware quarter (graded MS63) we offered in our 2003 FUN Auction, the composition of this piece must be extremely hard as parts of Washington's face and the reverse periphery did not strike up completely.

MS66 $3,220.00 (Aug 9, 2007
1999-P 25C New Jersey Quarter--Struck on an Experimental Planchet

Gold-colored alloy experiments were conducted in 1999 using state quarter dies, presumably because no mini-dollar dies were available. Those experiments eventually culminated in the manganese-alloy Sacagawea dollar. This virtually pristine piece has the brassy yellow-gold color of a new Sacagawea dollar and an unusually sharp strike. As usual for these 1999 experimental pieces, there are a few minor lintmarks near the borders, and the rims are irregular, stretched, and rather flat, as if the collar die was improperly wide.

MS66 $3,450.00 (Aug 9, 2007
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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