Standard Seated Patterns
1870 25C Quarter Dollar, Judd-887, Pollock-986, High R.7

The obverse is designed by William Barber and features Liberty seated and facing left, surrounded by 13 stars. She supports a shield with her right hand and has an olive branch in her left hand. A Liberty pole arises behind the shield, and the date is in the exergue. The reverse is the regular issue With Motto Seated Liberty quarter design. Struck in aluminum with a plain edge. Sets of these patterns in various diameters, from the half dime through the silver dollar, were struck in 1870 with regular issue reverses.

PR66 $6,325.00 (Mar 28, 2009
1870 25C Barber's Seated Liberty Quarter, Judd-879, Pollock-976, High R.6

William Barber's Seated Liberty design as more fully described at Judd-816. The reverse carries the denomination inside a wreath of corn and cotton with STANDARD above. Struck in copper with a plain edge.

PR65 Red and Brown $2,760.00 (Jan 2, 2007
1870 25C Standard Silver Quarter Dollar, Judd-880, Pollock-978, High R.7

William Barber's Seated Liberty design is paired here with a Standard Silver reverse that has 25 CENTS in the center, surrounded by a wreath of cotton and corn, with the word STANDARD above. Struck in aluminum with a reeded edge. These were issued in complete sets in 1870 with fewer than half a dozen known today in aluminum.

PR65 $9,775.00 (Aug 9, 2007
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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