Indian Headdress Seated Standing Quarter Patterns
1871 25C Standard Silver Quarter Dollar, Judd-1096, Pollock-1232, Low R.7

The Longacre Seated design that features an Indian princess representing Liberty. Her hand steadies a globe, while the other hand holds a Liberty pole with cap on top. There are flags behind her. The reverse expresses the denomination and depicts a wreath of cotton and corn. Struck in silver with a reeded edge.

PR66 $10,350.00 (Jul 9, 2009
1871 25C Quarter Dollar, Judd-1100, Pollock-1236, R.6-7

Longacre's Indian Princess design. Liberty is seated left, similar to the eventually adopted Trade dollar, but she is accompanied by different items, such as a Liberty cap and pole, two flags, and a globe. The reverse is that of the issued Seated Motto quarter. Struck in copper with a reeded edge.

PR64 Red and Brown $2,990.00 (Apr 30, 2009
1871 25C Standard Silver Quarter Dollar, Judd-1090, Pollock-1226, High R.7

The obverse is Longacre's Indian Princess design, in a starless field with date 1871 in exergue. The reverse shows 25 / CENTS surrounded by a wreath of corn and cotton, with STANDARD at the upper rim. Struck in silver with a reeded edge.

A posthumous design apparently implemented by Mint Chief Engraver William Barber after his predecessor's death on January 1, 1869. estimates that a half-dozen examples of this popular silver variant are known. The Pollock reference notes that this piece weighs 92.1 grains, with diameter of 0.953 in. and die alignment of about 170 degrees (rotated slightly from coin turn).

PR64 $13,800.00 (Jan 6, 2009
1871 25C Quarter Dollar, Judd-1099, Pollock-1235, High R.7

The obverse is the Indian Princess design, with 13 stars ringing the rim and date 1871 in exergue, while the reverse is from the regular Seated Liberty quarter die of the year. Struck in silver with a reeded edge.

Pollock notes that the Lemus Collection example shows regular coin-turn die alignment, while the Frossard-Garrett-Bass specimen shows 170-degree alignment. This is likely, but certainly not conclusive, evidence of more than one striking period. With Stars and No Stars set were produced in silver, aluminum, and copper. estimates that only four pieces are known of this variety.

PR64 $5,750.00 (Jan 6, 2009
1871 25C Standard Silver Quarter Dollar, Judd-1098, Pollock-1234, R.8

The Longacre design for the Standard Silver series with stars encircling the obverse, paired with the usually seen Standard Silver reverse from this year. Stuck in aluminum with a reeded edge. This design also exists in silver and copper, and approximately a dozen examples are known in each metal. Aluminum pieces are far rarer and apparently only three are known today.

PR66 $32,200.00 (Jan 9, 2008
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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