Indian Headdress Standard Dollar Patterns
1871 $1 Standard Silver Dollar, Judd-1133, Pollock-1270, High R.6

A dollar pattern with Longacre's modified design having only 13 stars on the flag and the first and 13th peripheral stars closer to the base. The reverse has 1 DOLLAR as the central design element which is surrounded by a wreath of cotton and corn, and the word STANDARD above. Struck in silver with a reeded edge. This is James Longacre's famous Indian Princess design as modified by William Barber for the 1871 pattern coinage. Longacre died in 1869 and never actually saw his design on a struck coin. More than a dozen examples are believed known today of this silver, reeded edge variant.

PR62 $6,325.00 (May 1, 2009
1870 $1 Standard Silver Dollar, Judd-1011, Pollock-1144, Low R.7

James B. Longacre's Indian Princess design features Liberty seated beside a globe, wearing an Indian headdress. The word LIBERTY is inscribed across the center of the globe and Liberty is holding a pole topped with Phrygian cap. The reverse features the word STANDARD at the top with 1 DOLLAR encompassed by a wreath of cotton and corn. This design was apparently based on a sketch Longacre made prior to 1852, but it was not until 1870 that he made use of it and adapted it on a number of different pattern coins. Struck in copper with a plain edge.

PR64 Brown $8,625.00 (Jan 6, 2009
1871 $1 Standard Silver Dollar, Judd-1124, Pollock-1260, R.8

The obverse is the Indian Princess design of James B. Longacre, in a plain or starless field. His initials J.B.L. appear at the lower right of Liberty's rock, in the field. The date 1871 is below. On the reverse, an open agricultural wreath encloses 1 / DOLLAR, with STANDARD at the top rim. Struck in aluminum with a reeded edge.

According to the aluminum versions (Judd-1124 and 1125) of this Standard Silver dollar pattern are even rarer than the silver versions with plain or reeded edge (Judd-1120 and 1121). In this case, however, the difference is, like for so many of these rare patterns, one of uncertainty. estimates that "perhaps three or four" examples are known of Judd-1120, with three being our best estimate. But in the case of Judd-1124, the R.8 ranking of (which also appears in the Judd ninth edition) seems to be the result of its conclusion that there are "at least two known."

PR67 Cameo $40,250.00 (Jan 6, 2009
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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