Indian Headdress Dollar Patterns
1870 $1 Dollar, Judd-1016, Pollock-1150, Low R.7

A seated figure of Liberty faces left on the obverse, wearing a headdress. She is seated next to a globe, with two flags behind. Her left hand rests on the globe and she holds a pole and cap in her right hand. A banner across the globe is inscribed LIBERTY. The reverse is from the regular-issue Seated Liberty dollar. The "Indian Princess" Seated design, struck in copper with a reeded edge.

PR62 Brown $4,312.50 (Jul 31, 2009
1871 $1 Dollar, Judd-1126, Pollock-1262, R.8

The obverse features Longacre's Indian Princess design with 13 stars on the flag behind Liberty, all in a plain field with the date below. Presumably implemented by William Barber, since Longacre died in 1869. The reverse is the regular issue With Motto Seated Liberty design. A short, raised die line from the N of IN to the G of GOD identifies this as a regular issue proof die used only in 1871. Struck in silver with a reeded edge.

PR63 $25,300.00 (Jul 30, 2009
1871 $1 Dollar, Judd-1138A, Pollock-1276, R.8

The obverse features Longacre's Indian Princess design surrounded by 13 stars and 13 stars on the American flag. The date, 1871 is below. The reverse depicts the regular issue die used for the Seated dollar. Struck in silver with a reeded edge. A remarkably rare pattern with only probably no more than two pieces known, according to

PR62 $18,400.00 (May 28, 2009
1871 $1 Dollar, Judd-1147, Pollock-1289, High R.6

The Longacre obverse, with a seated Liberty facing left, wearing an Indian headdress and supporting a Liberty pole with her right hand. Her left hand rests on a globe inscribed LIBERTY. Behind her is a flag ornamented with 22 stars. Thirteen stars surround her, and the date, 1871, is at the bottom. The reverse is the die used for regular issue Seated Liberty dollars. Struck in copper with a reeded edge.

PR63 Red $6,325.00 (May 28, 2009
1870 $1 Dollar, Judd-1014, Pollock-1148, Low R.7

The obverse features Liberty, in the guise of an Indian princess, facing left. One hand rests on a globe with LIBERTY inscribed, while the other supports a Liberty pole. Behind her are two flags, one displaying 22 stars. An arc of 13 stars surrounds the central figure, with the date below. Longacre's signature is located below the base. The reverse die is from the same design used in regular-issue coinage for 1870. Struck in silver with a reeded edge.

James Barton Longacre died on January 1, 1869. His beautiful Indian Princess pattern design was executed posthumously by William Barber, who succeeded him as chief engraver. Barber faithfully preserved Longacre's vision, which had been conceived no later than 1852, the date of a sketch by Longacre that resembles the finished design in every detail. A note from Longacre to Mint Director George Eckert survives in which the designer explains the significance of his devices: "... its purpose is to express a representation of America, by a female figure, in aboriginal costume, seated, contemplating one of the usual emblems of liberty, elevated on a spear, which she holds in her right hand; her left hand resting on a globe, presenting the western hemisphere ... ." The issue was designed in extremely high relief, giving the finished product a stunning, medal-like appearance. The difficulties involved in high volume coining of high relief issues probably caused the Mint to abandon this lovely design. estimates fewer than a dozen specimens of Judd-1014 are extant.

PR63 $12,650.00 (Jan 6, 2009
1870 $1 Dollar, Judd-1017, Pollock-1151, Low R.7

Design. The obverse is the Longacre Indian Princess design, while the reverse is that of the regular-issue Seated Liberty dollar. Struck in copper with a plain edge.

Commentary. Fewer than a dozen are known of this plain edge variety, according to The plain edge and reeded edge copper variants with the regular Seated Liberty (Judd-1016 and 1017) appear to be of about equal rarity; in fact, the combined NGC and PCGS population data show 10 "submission events" of each kind.

PR64 Brown $12,650.00 (Jan 6, 2009
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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