1868 P1C Cent, Judd-605, Pollock-670, R.5

1868 P1C Cent, Judd-605, Pollock-670, R.5,  Cameo PCGS. Small pattern cent with an obverse similar to the adopted three cent nickel design, and a reverse with a large Roman numeral I in the center surrounded by a wreath. Part of the 8 in the date is buried in Liberty's lowest curl. Struck in nickel with a plain edge. Struck in nickel, copper, and aluminum, with the nickel pieces most frequently encountered.
PR65 $2,300.00 (Aug 9, 2007 HA.com)
1868 1C One Cent, Judd-606, Pollock-671, Low R.7

The obverse is similar to that of the issued three cent nickel. The reverse bears the wreath of the issued three dollar gold piece. The denomination is expressed on the reverse as a single plain Roman column. Struck in copper with a plain edge.

PR64 $2,070.00 (Oct 22, 2009 HA.com)

1869 1C One Cent, Judd-666, Pollock-743, R.5

The obverse exhibits a bust of Liberty facing left with the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around the periphery and the date below the bust. Liberty wears a coronet inscribed LIBERTY. A Roman numeral I is centered in a laurel wreath on the reverse. Struck in nickel with a plain edge.

Pollock records three different varieties of Judd-666 that he identifies as Pollock-741, 742, and 743, based on the date position and the style of ribbons at the bottom of the reverse. Pollock-743 has delicate bow ribbons on the reverse. Each is individually rated R.6 in his reference, while the cumulative rarity for Judd-666 is R.5.

PR64 $1,610.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
Three Cent Obverse Design Cent Patterns
1857 E1C One Cent, Judd-186, Pollock-222, High R.7

A large bust of Liberty faces left, similar to that seen on the issued 1865 three cent nickel. The reverse has ONE CENT in the center and is encircled by a wreath. This variant combines the high date quarter eagle pattern obverse from Judd-189 with the 1853 pattern cent reverse of Judd-149. The denticles are different lengths on each side, which further suggest a muled die combination. Struck in copper-nickel with a plain edge.

PR66 $12,650.00 (Nov 6, 2007 HA.com)
1868 1C Coronet Cent, Judd-608, Pollock-673, R.4

On the obverse, Liberty is wearing a coronet inscribed LIBERTY. Around, the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and below, the date. The reverse has a large Roman numeral I enclosed within a wreath of wheat, corn, tobacco, and cotton. Struck in nickel with a plain edge. This is Pollock's high date variety, considered by him to be slightly scarcer than the centered date variety.

PR65 $1,610.00 (Jan 2, 2007 HA.com)
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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