Martha Washington Quarter-Sized Medalet Patterns
1965 25C (1759 dated) Quarter-Sized Medalet, Judd-2116, Pollock-2082, Low R.7

The obverse has a portrait of Martha Washington facing right, and the reverse shows a view of Mount Vernon. Struck in cupronickel-copper (multi-layer composite). Struck from the so-called "nonsense dies" as the legends lack any mention of a denomination. The ninth edition of Judd (page 284) states that "although various metals were used, only cupro-nickel clad is confirmed to exist." The website has even more to say about this particular pattern: "It is believed to be the first metallurgical trials using the current cupro-nickel clad planchets 5.7 grams.

The Martha Washington obverse was designed by Edward R. Grove and the reverse is by Philip Fowler. There are 6 examples in the Smithsonian embedded in two blocks of blue lucite along with J2101/P2081 and J2134/P2083." This variant shows Edward R. Grove's initials beneath the shoulder. This is one of only two "1965-Style" piece that are known to exist outside the Smithsonian. The "1965-Style" coins show the lettering much closer to the rim than on the "1999-Style" pieces. The "1999-Style" also have less definition on the devices.

MS65 $5,750.00 (Apr 17, 2008
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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