1881 3C Liberty Head Three Cents, Judd-1668, Pollock-1869, High R.6

The Charles Barber Liberty Head obverse. Head facing left, similar to the adopted Liberty Head nickel design, but UNITED STATES OF AMERICA rings the obverse in thick, widely spaced letters, with date 1881 below. On the reverse a Roman numeral III is flanked by an agricultural wreath, again similar to the 1883 regular-issue nickel design. Struck in nickel with a plain edge.

As the Judd ninth edition editors note, it is possible to obtain a complete type set of 1881 patterns, all featuring the common theme of the Barber Liberty Head obverse and a reverse with wreath enclosing the numerator in Roman numerals--"although some patience is required."

PR64 $2,645.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
1881 3C Liberty Head Three Cents, Judd-1669, Pollock-1870, R.7

The obverse head is similar to the Liberty nickel obverse of 1883, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around and the date below. On the reverse a wreath of corn and cotton, also similar to the Liberty nickel, surrounds a Roman numeral III in the center. Struck in copper with a plain edge.

PR64 Red and Brown $4,312.50 (Jul 31, 2008 HA.com)
1881 3C Liberty Head Three Cents, Judd-1670, Pollock-1871, Low R.7

A Three Cent Nickel pattern featuring the head on the obverse similar to that used on the adopted five cent piece of 1883. The reverse has a Roman numeral III in the center, surrounded by a wreath of cotton and corn. Struck in aluminum with a plain edge.

PR66 $7,475.00 (Jun 2, 2005 HA.com)
Liberty Head Three Cents Patterns
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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