1856 Copper-Nickel Half Cent Judd-177

The regular half cent dies of 1856 but, continuing the metallic composition experiments begun in 1850 that would lead to the successful introduction of the copper-nickel small cents, the planchets for these pieces are copper-nickel, either 88:12 or 90:10. Struck with a plain edge.

Records indicate two slightly different alloys, but they are impossible to distinguish from each other except by elemental analysis. The pattern variety as a whole, however, should be easily distinguished by the distinctive color of coins produced in copper-nickel alloy, a fact that was not lost on Mint personnel of the era.

PR64 $4,600.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
US Braided Hair Half Cent Patterns
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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