"Hair-In-Bun" Dollar Patterns
1879 $1 Metric Dollar, Judd-1624, Pollock-1820, High R.7

The head of Liberty faces left in this design by George T. Morgan, with her hair done up in a bun and with a ribbon with incused LIBERTY. E PLURIBUS UNUM is above, with stars seven left and six right, date below. The reverse portrays a wreath of cotton and wheat, with inner circle of dots enclosing 895.8 S. / 4.2--G. / 100--C. / 25 GRAMS. DEO EST GLORIA ("God is glory/To God be the glory") appears (despite the Judd misdescription as E PLURIBUS UNUM) in the cartouche, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE DOLLAR at the rim. Struck in aluminum with a reeded edge.

The present pattern struck in aluminum is thus quite rare, estimated at High R.7 in the Judd reference, with only four examples known. This design is struck in silver, copper, aluminum, and white metal, but only the single known white metal specimen, believed unique, exceeds the aluminum specimens in rarity.

PR63 Cameo $14,950.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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