Franklin DuPont Quarter Patterns
(1964) P25C Pattern Quarter Dollar. Pollock-5389, R.7

Indian Chief design, above, OHI--YESA. The reverse has a ship in full sail with the legend TREASURE ISLAND DOUBLOON. Apparently part of the DuPont testing for a suitable alloy, in this case silver bonded to a copper core and certainly similar to the "clad" Kennedy half dollars issued from 1965 to 1970.

MS63 $747.50 (Jan 25, 2006
Undated (ca. 1964) P25C DuPont Pattern Quarter Dollar, Pollock-5391, R.2-3

Head of Benjamin Franklin facing left on the obverse, surrounded by 1706 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 1790. The reverse has the DuPont logo in the center and is surrounded by THIS TOKEN MADE FROM EXPLOSION BONDED "DETACLAD". Struck with a 25% nickel alloy bonded to a copper core with a plain edge.

MS64 $632.50 (Jan 25, 2006
(1964) P25C Pattern Quarter Dollar. P-5393, R.7

Plain edge. This is similar to the other DuPont pieces, but in a composition of 4% nickel and 96% copper, according to notes provided to Andrew Pollock by Jules Reiver. Essentially full red in color with some mellowing on the devices, and with a number of tiny spots on each side. The actual rarity of this issue is not known.

MS62 Red and Brown $299.00 (Jan 25, 2006

Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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