Draped Bust Half Dollar Patterns
1806 50C Judd-A1806-1, Pollock-6150, R.7

An out-of-mint production using muled and discarded Federal dies. Struck in white metal with a plain edge. The obverse die is an 1806 Pointed 6 bust half, the same used to coin the scarce O-123 and rare O-124 varieties. This obverse die currently reposes in the ANS museum. The reverse die is an 1874 12 cent envelope embossing die bearing the portrait of Henry Clay, Scott design U52.

Per Andrew Pollock, Abe Kosoff in his Illustrated History suggests Judd-A1806-1 is a late 19th-century creation struck by coin dealer David Proskey. The half dollar die is evenly rusted, and the Clay die has a number of rust pits, particularly near the portrait. Both impressions are bold aside from the obverse right-side border. The unstruck portions of the planchet have infrequent moderate marks, but the struck portions are splendidly preserved. Judd-A1806-1 is usually seen with a blank reverse (Pollock-6145). Pollock could locate only three examples with the Clay reverse, one of which is struck on a spade-shaped planchet.

MS64 $10,350.00 (Jan 9, 2008 HA.com)
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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