Bailly's Seated Liberty 20 Cents Patterns
1874 20C Bailly's Seated Liberty Twenty Cents, Judd-1355, Pollock-1499, Low R.6

Bailly's design first appeared on 1873 trade dollars and is described at Judd-1315. The reverse is nearly identical to the regular-issue design of 1875, with minor die differences. Struck in copper with a plain edge. Although a collection of regular-issue 20 cent pieces is concise with only one stopper, the addition of 20 cent pattern pieces would turn such a specialty into a life-time venture. Over 30 different pattern varieties exist, all but one dated 1874 and 1875, and only six varieties rated less than R.7.

PR64 Red and Brown $5,462.50 (Jan 2, 2007
1874 20C Bailly's Seated Liberty Twenty Cents, Judd-1358, Pollock-1503, High R.7

Bailly's design. The reverse has the denomination 20 CENTS within a wreath and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around. Struck in nickel with a plain edge. This pattern variety may be R.8 as only three or four pieces are known.

PR65 $8,625.00 (Jan 2, 2007
1874 20C Twenty Cents, Judd-1354, Pollock-1498, Low R.7

The central figure of the obverse is a seated Liberty facing left, with Liberty pole and globe. The globe is inscribed LIBERTY. The figure is surrounded by two bales of cotton, a tobacco plant, and a sheaf of wheat. An arc of 13 stars surrounds the figure above, with the date below. The reverse die is similar to the design adopted for regular issue coinage except for minor differences in leaf position, and the second arrowhead points above the T in TWENTY. Struck in silver with a plain edge.

The obverse of this design is essentially the same as the one attributed to French-born sculptor J.A. Bailly, and used on pattern Trade dollars of 1873. The reverse is similar to Barber's eagle on the Trade dollar. Mint Director Linderman specifically requested these designs, with a view to making the coin easily distinguishable from the Seated Liberty quarter. estimates a surviving population of about two dozen pieces.

PR65 Cameo $8,337.50 (Jan 6, 2009
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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