1896 1C One Cent, Judd-1769, Pollock-1985, High R.6

The obverse displays a shield with thirteen stripes, having the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM above and the date 1896 below. There are thirteen stars at the border arranged seven left and six right, and the border is beaded. On the reverse, the denomination 1 CENT is centered within a curved olive sprig, with the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surrounding both. The reverse also has a beaded border. Struck in one of four different compositions of aluminum, with a plain edge.

PR60 $1,265.00 (Jan 2, 2007 HA.com) - PR62 $2,070.00 (Jan 2, 2007 HA.com)
1896 1C One Cent, Judd-1767, Pollock-1982, Low R.7

The obverse has a scroll reading LIBERTY across a shield with thirteen stripes. Behind are two crossed poles, topped by an eagle and a liberty cap. E PLURIBUS UNUM is above, 1896 is below. The reverse displays ONE CENT within a curved olive sprig with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around. Both sides have beaded borders. Struck in nickel with a plain edge.

PR63 $3,303.00 (Jul 9, 2009 HA.com)
1896 1C One Cent, Judd-1768, Pollock-1983, R.5

The Charles Barber design. Shield at center obverse with LIBERTY incused. Crossed poles behind support a Liberty cap and an eagle. E PLURIBUS UNUM is at the top rim, with stars seven left, six right. On the reverse a large 1 occupies the center, with CENT below, an olive spring surrounding and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the rim. Struck in bronze with a plain edge.

Several different bronze alloys were struck and are included in this single Judd number, but they cannot be distinguished without metallurgical analysis. One rare positional variety was discovered by Harry W. Bass Jr. (Pollock-1985a); this is not an example, but rather one of the more common Pollock-1983 examples.

PR65 Red and Brown $7,475.00 (Jan 6, 2009 HA.com)
1896 1C One Cent, Judd-1767a, Pollock-1981, Low R.7

Instead of a depiction of Liberty, the obverse displays a shield in front of crossed poles topped by a liberty cap and eagle. A banner inscribed LIBERTY overlies the shield. The reverse has the denomination in the center, an olive wreath around, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the margin. Struck in pure nickel with a plain edge.

PR64 $11,500.00 (Jan 10, 2008 HA.com)
Shield Cent Patterns
Source for information and pictures courtesy of  Heritage Coin Auctions
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