Counterfeit Holder:
Authentic Label:
Fake Label:
Fake hologram details:
Authentic hologram details:
Authentic weld joint:
Fake weld joint:
  • The counterfeit label text font is narrower than NGC’s font.
  • Dashes or hyphens on the counterfeit label are straight and square. Dashes on the authentic NGC holder have angled ends. A dash always appears as part of the NGC certification number.
  • There are several misspellings on the PNG portion of the counterfeit hologram. This is the easiest way to identify a fake holder in hand.
  • KNOWLEDGE is incorrectly spelled with an R as RNOWLEDGE
  • INTEGRITY is incorrectly spelled with a G as INTEGRIGY
  • NUMISMATISTS in incorrectly spelled as NUNISMATISTS
  • There is a weld joint that appears as an off-center gap on the top of the counterfeit holder.
  • The authentic NGC holder has a continuous seam, and weld flash (whitish discoloration) will often be visible. The weld flash allows NGC encapsulation technicians to assess the welding pressure and thoroughness of the holder seal.
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