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Most coin collectors don’t think of terms like “rare” or “valuable” when US Proof and Mint Sets are mentioned, and this wouldn’t be uneducated line-of-thought when you consider that most proof and mint sets dates trade anywhere from less than $10 to under $50 each. However, the most educated collectors know a little better on the subject, and know that valuable and rare coins can be found in mint sets.

The first US Proof Set was issued in 1936 and it’s value has soured to over $6,500 with the 1937 set not far behind in premium. All proof sets from 1955 and back trade for $200 and up, but this is not just exclusive to proof sets, because early mint sets like the 1947 double set can sale for premiums in excess of $1,100. And any US Mint Sets from 1958 and earlier trade for $130 and up, depending on their year.

Of course, these mint sets are rare and often difficult to find, there’s other, more modern, proof sets that bring a premium for other reasons. For example, the 1970-S, Level 7, Small Date Cent can trade for $100 and up and the 1979-S with a Clear S mint mark can trade for similar values, but this is only a sample of the valuable mint and proof sets that can still be “discovered” in common collections.

Not only that, but deep cameo high grade examples often bring premiums in the thousands of dollars, and many collectors search out unopened sets just for this reason. Many valuable Proof, Deep Cameo, Franklin Halve Dollars have been discovered in early proof sets not to mention other denominations.

Also, there’s many proof sets that might contain errors, varieties, or other rarities, and no one on knows just how many might still be undiscovered, in collections all over the US. Who knows, there might be a yet undiscovered rarity in a proof set just waiting for a someone to discover it. But for now, below is list that can help you find the rarities that have been found.

Note: Silver proof sets are in red boxes and clad proof sets and mint sets are found in blue boxes from 1999 to the present, but from 1992-1998 the silver proof sets are housed in black boxes.

US Proof Sets
1936 $6,500
1937 $3,700
1938 $1,800
1939 $1,700
1940 $1,400
1941 $1,400
1942 $1,200
1950 $ 650
1951 $ 600
1952 $ 325
1953 $ 300
1954 $ 175
1955 $ 175
1970-S Level 7, small date cent $100
1979-S Clear S $115
1981-S Clear S $300
1983-S Prestige Set $110
1990-S No S Cent $6,500
1992-S Prestige Set $120
1995-S Prestige Set $250
1995-S Silver $100
1995-S Silver Premium $100
1996-S Prestige Set $500
1997-S Prestige Set $225
1997-S Silver $100
1997-S Silver Premium $100
1999-S Silver $200
2001-S Clad $75
2001-S Silver $100

Mint Sets
1947 Double Set $1,100
1948 Double Set $575
1949 Double Set $750
1951 Double Set $750
1952 Double Set $700
1953 Double Set $450
1954 Double Set $225
1955 Double Set $140
1956 Double Set $130
1957 Double Set $225
1958 Double Set $130
2004 $60+

Note: Always look for coins in proof and mint sets that are missing mint marks.

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