The U.S. Mint issues .999 pure platinum bullion coins each year in the denominations of $10 (tenth-ounce), $25 (quarter ounce), $50 (half ounce), $100 (one ounce).

Since, 1998 each proof coin has featured a different reverse design, but retained the same Statue Of Liberty design on the reverse. The 1998-2002 reverses are called Vistas of Liberty, and has an American Bold Eagle flying over many different vistas of America.

Platinum is one of the better choices for precious metal investment and none more so than the platinum bullion coins released by the US Mint. The mint guarantees the purity and weight of every platinum coin they produce, and another inspiring fact is the mintages are low.

All Platinum Eagles mintages are below 60,000 and most are much less than that, and many are in the 10,000 mintage or less. It’s even more exciting to realize that some issues that have a lower mintage than another but still trade for the same or similar values. The Platinum Eagles have just not caught on as much as it’s gold counterpart for collecting and investing.

One example of this is the 2000 $10 mintage of 34,027 verses the 2008 $10 mintage of only 17,000 but both are valued at $223!  It’s not just a coincidence either, because many other examples could be sited, and that’s why I put together the Platinum Eagle’s mintages and values charts for collectors.

Why not buy low mintage Platinum Eagles? Gold is fast catching up and making US Platinum Bullion an even better choice for a purchase. To see the values and mintages of American Platinum Eagles just visit one of the links below.

$10 Platinum Eagles

$25 Platinum Eagles

$50 Platinum Eagles

$100 Platinum Eagles