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Half Cent Patterns

Braided Hair

One Cent Patterns

Capped Bust Cent

Seated Cent

Annular Circle Cent

Braided Hair Cent

One Cent “Three Cent Obv.”

Coronet Cent “$2.50 Design”

Flying Eagle

Indian Cent

One Cent “Liberty Design”

Shield Cent

Centavo Cent

Lincoln Cent

Two Cents Patterns

Eagle Two Cents

Washington Two Cents

Shield Two Cents

Three Cents Patterns

Seated Three Cents

“Big 3” Three Cents

Liberty Cap Three Cents

Three Cents Silver

Three Cents Copper/Nickel

Liberty Head Three Cents

Braided Hair Three Cents

Half Dime Patterns

1792 Half Disme

1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime

Seated Indian Headdress Half Dime

Seated Half Dime

Standard Seated Half Dime

Five Cents Patterns

Washington Nickel

Shield Nickel

Three Cent Obv. Nickel

Liberty “V” Nickel

Holy-Shield Nickel

Feather Headdress Liberty Nickel

Lincoln Nickel

Liberty Shield Nickel

Buffalo Nickel

Dime Patterns

Flowing Hair Half Disme

Seated Dime

Shield Dime Postage Currency

Standard Dime

Standard Seated Dime

Wash Lady Dime

Morgan Head Dime

Seated Indian Headdress Dime

Sailor Head Dime

Braided Hair Dime

Mercury Dime

Martha Washington Dime

Twenty Cents Patterns

Bailly Seated Liberty


Seated Liberty/Earth


Quarter Patterns

Capped Bust


Standard Liberty

Standard Seated Quarter

Standard Seated Headdress

Seated Liberty Shield/Eagle



Shield Earring

State Quarter

International Nickel Company


Martha Washington

Half Dollar Patterns

Draped Bust

Capped Bust

Liberty Facing Left

Early Seated Halves

“Backward” Head

Seated Liberty

Seated Standard

Paquet Seated Liberty

French Head

Liberty Head Standard

Seated Liberty Indian Headdress

Seated Liberty Shield & Eagle

Morgan Head

Sailor Head

Banded Cap Liberty

Helmeted Head Liberty

Coronet Liberty

Phrygian Cap Liberty

Paquet Liberty Facing Left

Washlady Head

Shield Earring Liberty

Walking Liberty

Martha Washington

Panama Pacific

One Dollar Patterns

Seated Liberty

Indian Headdress Seated Liberty

Beaded Coronet Head

Morgan Head

Wash Lady Head

School Girl Head

Coiled Hair Goloid Stella

Goloid Banded Cap Liberty

Sailor Head

Coronet Liberty

Hair Bun Metric Dollar

Goloid Metric Coronet Head

Annular / Holey Dollar

Capped Liberty

Frowning Bust

Beaded Coronet Trade Dollar

Liberty Seated On Globe Trade Dollar

Indian Headdress Seated Trade Dollar

Liberty Seated By The Shore

Liberty Seated Next To Wheat

Barber’s Head


Coronet Standard Dollar

Indian Headdress Seated Standard Dollar

Seated Standard Dollar

$2.50 Patterns

$3.00 Patterns

$4.00 Patterns

$5.00 Patterns

$10.00 Patterns

$20.00 Patterns

$50.00 Patterns