Top 10 Coin Gifts For Coin Collectors

Top 10 Coin Gifts For Coin Collectors

Finding a gift for your favorite coin collector can be a daunting task, if you truly want to give them a gift they don’t have and will actually want in the first place. You certainly don’t want to give a coin collector just any coin gift you think they might want or need.

So, a little help is on the way, and this Top 10 list will help narrow down your options and help you buy a gift that will be cherished for a long time.

Before we start you should learn why your loved one collects coins in the first place. You should listen to them through out the year, when they talk about their coins, and ask your self some important questions.

Do they try to fill coin albums with each date? Do they collect just silver, gold, nickel or copper coins? Have they ever showed you a coin they where proud of owning? Do they collect sets of coins?

Any hint you can get will help for a better gift purchase.

A few examples: If they collect a certain coin then try to find out what coin date and mint mark they don’t have yet. If they like to put away silver or gold then concentrate on finding deals for coins made with these precious metals.

You don’t want to buy a silver dollar collector a copper coin, and you don’t want to buy a copper coin collector silver or gold coins. Most importantly, you don’t want to buy a coin they have no desire to own.

Here’s our Top 10 recommended coin gifts, and remember, this list is also for buying coins for loved ones who don’t collect coins but you want to buy them a unique gift they will cherish or interest a child in saving, collecting or investing.

10. Mint Error Coins

If a unique gift is in order then a mint error coin might be the answer. Most people don’t even know what a mint error is or how to identify one if they saw it, but there are many reputable dealers that sell authentic mint errors. And these dealers would be more than willing to help you buy one as a gift.

Obviously, the most rare and dramatic, errors can break the bank, but there’s a few that are affordable. Look for mint errors like off-center, die clashes, struck thru a foreign object, etc. It’s even better to find an affordable mint error already attributed and encased in a grading holder by PCGS, NGC, ANACS or ICG.

9. Type Coins

The US Mint has produced many different coin designs other than what you find in pocket change today and some are very interesting and not well known, if at all, by most people.

Look for Seated Liberty, Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Barber Head or Standing Liberty types and give a gift that appears old and valuable for an affordable price.

8. Colonial Coinage

Contrary to popular belief Colonial coins are not always too rare to afford and many are a bargain to be had. All Colonials are dated mid-1600-1700’s and they make for a very interesting collector’s item.

Who wouldn’t want to own a coin dated 1700? People will never believe just how little you paid for it!

7. World Coins
If even just to get a child started into coin collecting, teaching them history and learning the different countries of the World, these can be wonderful gift items. World coins have some of the most beautiful and unusual coin designs, covering a wide array of subjects and historical subjects.

Also, World Coin mintages are much lower than most US Coin mintages.

6. Mint/Proof Sets
Since the US Mint begin releasing mint and proof sets people have given them away as gifts. It’s no wonder, the US Mint’s proof coins can be some of the most pleasing coins for the eye to behold. Plus, the sets are released every year and you can choose clad or silver sets.

The most modern proof sets, 2007-11, have more coins than ever before with 4 Presidential $1 coins, all 5 State Park Quarters, plus the usual Sacagawea Dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and cent. So it’s a single gift, including every coin type issued, for any given year.

I recommend the silver proof set, while silver is still affordable, these will increase in value as silver rises in value.

5. Silver Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes:
All the above can be found in abundance and for reasonable values. All half dollars, quarters and dimes minted, 1964 and before, consist of 90% silver and 10% copper. Most people opt to buy all three: half dollar, quarter and dime of the same year then add the nickel and cent to create year sets.

Note: Of course, year set coins dated after 1964 will not contain silver coins, except the Kennedy Half (1965-1969) that are clad in 40% silver.

It could be a birth year, graduation year or even an anniversary year, but whatever the choice, coin years sets are becoming increasingly popular as gifts.

4. Platinum Coins

With the price of gold currently at all time highs, people have over looked the platinum coin’s value. You can buy a Platinum Eagle for near the same price as a Gold Eagle and I recommend the 1/10th ounce .999 pure $10, minted by the US Mint, for the tightest budgets.

Being able to buy platinum for near the same value as gold was never heard of until recently. So few people own platinum let alone platinum coins. Couple that with the low mintages of the US Platinum Eagle and it’s easy to see how great a gift one would make.

It’s common to encase these coins in a silver or white gold bezel and necklace combination to wear around the neck.

3. American Eagle Gold:
What you look for in these gold bullion coins is the 1/10th ounce $5 coin. It’s the least expensive gold coin and is made of the most pure gold. This gift is highly recommended for gold investors and gold coin collectors.

It’s common to encase these coins in a gold bezel and necklace combination to wear around the neck.

2. Silver Dollars:
US silver dollars have been a popular gift for years, but you must decide on what silver dollar type your coin collector might desire the most. It’s also a good idea to take a sneak peak at their album so you buy a coin, they need, to fill in their “hole“.

The most obvious choices are Morgan Dollars 1878-1921 and Peace Dollars 1921-1935 and great deals on these silver dollars can be easily found. US silver dollars, minted with these dates, consist of 90% silver and 10% copper.

1. Silver Rounds/Silver Eagles:

Silver rounds have been around as gifts for a long time, and featuring any theme imaginable, to appeal to all collectors or any person with a special interest. You can find them with birth years, holiday themes, organizations, celebrities, sports teams, US Coin designs and everything else.

The best aspect of the silver rounds is that they consist of one Troy ounce of .999 pure silver and silver is not only a great gift but a great investment. You just can’t go wrong giving these as gifts.

Note: Make sure they have .999 Troy oz. struck on them and not plated or clad in .999 silver or anything that has 10 mm of anything. Also, buy from reputable dealers whether online or in a physical shop.

The American Silver Eagle is an alternate option to silver rounds that’s minted by the US Mint and is actually a silver dollar and round combined. It’s made of a pure ounce of silver and is a highly popular collector’s coin. An extremely great gift for any coin collector, but also makes a perfect gift for silver investors as well.

If you’re still a bit confused about some of the terms and coins described in this lists then please visit our website for further information CoinHELP!

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