The Ultimate And Actual Truth About Third Party Coin Grading Services

1884VnickelobversepcgsMany collectors ask which coin grading service are most reputable, and are confused about which coin grading services are accurate and consistent. This is easy to answer since PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS are the most trusted and recognized coin grading companies in the business. They are the most reputable services, and consider so by all the majority of the experts, collectors and dealers. While NTC, PCI, SEGS, and Dominion Grading (formerly PCI), all get some respect, but no matter which coin grading company holder one is looking at, always examine the coin carefully, compare it to other coins of the same grade, and buy the coin for the grade it appears to be, and not for what the holder claims.

Suffice it to say, any coin grading service that’s NOT mentioned on this home page, I do NOT recommend, and neither do the experts. I have several other pages where visitors can see who I don’t recommend. If you would like to check out these other coin grading services then click on the link at the bottom of this text. I have researched over 124 coin grading companies or so-called services, and very few meet the mark. As a matter of fact, most are down right hideous at grading coins, to the point where in most instances, must be purposely unscrupulous undertakings, to say the least.

Don’t ever think, or even believe, that just because a coin is in a thick plastic holder that it’s accurately graded. Furthermore, I don’t care what the seller of these so-called slabs claim, they could promise you the moon, but don’t fall for it. The holder might look professional and have some fancy bar code, stickers or hologram stickers, a decorated label, and is a great deal on a high grade coin, but it’s nothing more a lie and a fraud.

I don’t think the question is “Which grading services are reputable”, but “Which ebay sellers are reputable”, and I say this because any non-greedy, honest and well educated numismatically a sellers is, the less likely they will sell over-graded coins, or coins with problems, touted as a high grade.

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