I have been asked how to report an ebay listing that violates ebay’s listing policy so I wrote this article to help you do that. Reporting ebay coin auctions is easy and fast and should be used each time we browse an auction that is violating policy.

We should report sellers who do violate ebay policy, intentionally or not, because they’re selling something that should not exist and cause people to lose their money. It would be one way to teach them the truth because some don’t heed other ebay member’s messages.

Now, for those who don’t know, here’s ebay’s policies in a nut shell; ebay doesn’t allow sellers to list replica, counterfeit or copy coins or currency, nor any devices used to make such items, and only allows PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG, third party grading services to be mentioned anywhere in the auction’s title or description, as well as, you can’t assign a grade to a raw coin in your item title or description. For more details on ebay’s listing policies click here.

However, sellers do find methods of getting around some of these policies and some use tactics such as listing coins in holders that have grades written on them, hiding counterfeit and fake coins in lots, rolls and collections of authentic coins, and listing junk lots with counterfeit coins in a different category than the coins and currency categories. Example below.


Counterfeit coins in a junk lot

So if you see any listing that has fake or counterfeit coins or violates ebay’s coins and currency policies then visit this link to report it click here

The choices to choose in the drop down fields should be this: Prohibited and restricted itemsStamps, currency and coinsReplica coins, replica paper money, replica stamps

Here’s a screen shot of what the page looks like.


If you’re browsing an auction and want to start the reporting process then you must click Report Item, as shown in the image below.


Furthermore, if you buy an lot that has a counterfeit or fake coin then please report it to ebay. Don’t just keep it, or trash it, then stop using ebay. We need to make online selling safer and better and it helps no one if you don’t help address this issue and take part in getting it stopped.

Here’s some further resources on fakes coins – Counterfeit US Coins