Some collectors will never learn. I try my best to inform all collectors that just because a coin is in a holder and graded, doesn’t mean the coin will be the graded listed on the holder. Don’t be a fool for this trick. Pictures can be manipulated with lighting, angles and photo editor software, and you can’t know the exact grade of a coin via pictures.

Precision Coin Grading


This coin picture is obviously angled so the coin cheek appears smooth, but I would bet my paycheck this coin does not grade MS68. However, a collector bought this coin for $468.84, thinking they where getting a great deal on a rare grade coin. They are in for an unpleasant surprise when this coin arrives. If you need help grading coins look no further than our grade comparison charts.



I don’t know what MGC stands for, but I do know how difficult and rare it is to find a 1968-s PR70 Deep Cameo Lincoln Cent, and this coin does not meet this criteria.

I encourage coin collectors to do some research on these grading services, visit our coin grading service page

A buyer can’t afford to take a chance at maybe getting a rare grade coin for a lower premuim. Coin collecting is not a lottery, and it’s not only prudent, but wise to carefully and patiently purchase coins for your collection.