MS63palladium-horzThe possible face of the new US Palladium, $25, bullion coin. The image on the left is my creation but is about what the new US Palladium Bullion coins will look like.

The U.S. Mercury Head Dime obverse coupled with the reverse of the 1907 American Institute of Architects medal, both designed by Adolph Weinman, were chosen as the design for the new bullion coin.

According to the US Mint the American Eagle Palladium coin will minted in $25 denomination and struck in high relief, and will obviously have a different date and orientation, verses the image, to allow for the denomination to be placed on the reverse.

I think it will be a beautiful coin made of palladium and there’s only one place in the United States where the precious metal is mined. However palladium is mined  in other countries like Canada, with Russia producing the most.

The metal is cheaper than gold by almost half and is more expensive than silver, so it will give investors a middle ground for investing in bullion coins. I think the choice of design and the use of palladium as a step in a good direction for collectors and investors.

What do you think?

Fast fact: The firs palladium coin were minted in 1966 by Sierra Leone and African country, since then several other countries have issued palladium coins including: Canada, the Soviet Union, France, Palau, Portugal, Russia, China, Australia and Slovakia. So there’s a small collectors base already in place and an US issue might make the market a little larger.