How To Buy Morgan Silver Dollars

Buy Morgan Silver Dollars

At present, the Morgan silver dollar is one of the most popular U.S. silver coins. Consisting of 90% silver and weighing 26.7 grams, Morgan silver dollars have a silver content of approximately .78 troy ounces. Morgan silver dollars were produced from 1878 to 1904. Production ceased after 1904 but began again in 1921. If you’re a coin collector or are in search of a Morgan silver dollar as a gift, there are a few things that you should be familiar with before you begin your endeavor.  We’ll discuss a few tips in this article in hopes that it will assist with your efforts when the time comes to buy Morgan silver dollars.

Why is it worth investing in high quality or rare coins such as the Morgan silver dollar? This is because these coins are not only of historical significance, but they can be quite valuable; especially the low mintage or key date varieties. There are coin dealers and coin collectors that search high and low for certain coins and are willing to pay top dollar once they find them. On the other, junk silver coins are only worth the silver contained in the coins, and are not bought and sold for their rarity or collectability.

You should consider purchasing Morgan silver dollar coins from trusted and reputable coin dealers in Atlanta, as Morgan silver dollars are one of the most frequently counterfeited coins.  Only experienced coin dealers will be able to decipher high quality replicas from original Morgan silver dollars.  If you’re experiencing any issues locating reputable coin dealers in your area, seek the advice of other coin collectors in your area and ask for their recommendations.

Otherwise, you can conduct an online search. Look for the coin dealers that have years of experience in the coin business and that have received glowing reviews from their customers.  Additionally, be sure to check the coin dealer’s standing with the Better Business Bureau, and confirm that they don’t have a history of complaints or unresolved matters.

Once you have a shortlist, pay a visit to these coin dealers. Talk to the coin dealer, ask as many questions as you’d like, and ensure that you’re comfortable with the price before making a final decision.  Expect to pay reasonable premiums for common date average circulated condition Morgan silver dollars, but realize that low mintage Morgan silver dollars may sell at higher premiums; and in some cases, substantially so.

If you are planning on buying Morgan silver dollars for yourself or as a gift, there are many compelling reasons to do so.  Be sure to understand the Morgan silver dollar market, only conduct business with reputable coin dealers in Atlanta, and beware of fake or replica coins.  Since these coins carry with them historical significance, be prepared to pay a premium over the spot price of silver, but not considerably so.  Of course, rare or low mintage Morgan silver dollars will sell at a substantial premium over the silver content of the coins.

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1899-1904, 1921