Halloween Haunted Coins

It’s that time of year or is any time of year appropriate? I mean ghosts don’t just haunt around Halloween and now coins with ghost and zombies are in collector’s possession all year round as well.

So here’s what we found to satisfy the Halloween Haunted Coin collecting souls.

Halloween Haunted Coins

2015  25C Haunted Canada Brakeman

Halloween Haunted Coins

2015 25C Haunted Canada Brakeman

The 2015 Haunted Canada Brakeman is the latest in a series that commemorate Canada’s legendary ghost stories. The first in the series is the Ghost Bridegroom and each are hologram coins and have an extremely low mintage of 15,000.

Haunted Halloween Coins

Sold Out Bridegroom Haunted Canada Coin

If you want to buy one click the link Haunted Canada Brakeman or Ghost Bridegroom

Zombbucks Halloween Haunted Coins

Here’s another grotesque favorite the infamous Zombucks and they come in silver and copper with a myriad of different designs. If you want a Morgan Dollar with a skull face instead of a woman, or scissors in eye Barber type coin or even a rotting flesh Mercury dime design coin, then Zombucks is for you.

My personal favorites is the Zombuff and the Dying Eagle.

haunted halloween coins

Dying Eagle Zombucks