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Most coin collectors don’t think of Eisenhower Dollars as rare and valuable and, for the most part, that would be a correct assumption. However, there’s enough exceptions to this assumption to make it worth learning which Eisenhower Dollars are rare and valuable and why. So let’s get started.

The first thing you should know about Eisenhower Dollars is the varieties found within their ranks. The 1971-S Peg Leg and the 1972 Type 2 and Type 3 Earth varieties can bring a lofty premium, then there’s the 1976 Bicentennial issues with Thin Letter or Type 2 reverses (the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has thin letters). Here’s example images of the Type 2 and 3 Earth Type and reverse letters types, plus the Peg Leg variety.

Furthermore, might be the well known varieties but there’s several known doubled die reverses, doubled die obverses and repunched mint marks for all dates and mints. So there’s a good amount of varieties to be found and collected, plus a few lesser known like the “Friendly Eagle” and the “Tiger Claw”. More info on these can be found here.

The second aspect of collecting Eisenhower Dollars is searching for higher grade examples since most start becoming rare in MS65. The business strike (struck to be circulated or placed in mint sets) are most rare in MS67 and those grades boast the top population in PCGS’s population charts. However this doesn’t imply there’s not a few more to be discovered by astute collectors, if you’re willing to learn how to properly grade Eisenhower Dollars. Here’s some already graded images to help you get started.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s 40% clad silver examples to look for and they come in cello with blue envelope, plastic GSA holder and brown box (proofs), then there’s the three coin Bicentennial sets that come in proof and mint state coins, and include the dollar, half dollar and quarter, and all clad in 40% silver.

If this got you interested in collecting Ike Dollars than let us know. You can also get your collection started by looking for great deals at ebay Eisenhower Dollars at ebay