You know what beer goggles imply and there’s something very similar that I will be calling coin goggles. Many people have on their coin goggles on and it’s not a good thing. It causes people to believe their coins are valuable despite the facts and creates sellers who want to be ignorant of the facts and self-justify their own unethical coin selling practices.

It happens all the time, people inherit coins and believe they’re valuable, or they find an altered coin or minor mint error and believe it’s valuable, or a person sells a coin as if it’s a rare mint error when it’s obviously not. Not to mention sellers that are so blinded by their own greed that they play ignorant and justify their tactics or play on words to sell coins for more than they’re worth.

Are you one of them? Do you have your coin goggles on?  Well, let’s take a test and find out.

1. Have you ever asked a dealer about a coin you have and they tell you it’s not rare or valuable and you got upset over the incident? (Y/N)

2. If you answered “yes” to number 1, do you still believe the dealer was just trying to rip you off, and haven’t tried another dealer or coin expert? (Y/N)

3. Have you ever uploaded coin images to a knowledgeable numismatist or posted them on a forum and when the numismatist or forum members told you your coin was not a mint error, did you get offended? (Y/N)

4. If yes to number 3 then is 4 a yes as well? (Y/N)

5. If you answered yes to either number 3 or number 4. Do you still scoff and ignore the information presented to you about your coin’s condition and value? (Y/N)

6. Do you own coins that you believe are valuable because you checked the price guides but still haven’t approached an expert to learn for certain? (Y/N)

7. Do you own coins and believe they’re valuable because they are old or because they were collected years ago by an elderly family member or acquaintance? (Y/N)

8. Do you grade your own coins and defend your grades with the argument that grading is an opinion and this is my personal standard? (Y/N)

9. If yes to number 8 then do you sell such graded coins in holders (2×2’s, plastic cases, etc.), with your opinion grade and perceived values on the holder to other people? (Y/N)

10. Do you sell common coin lots or rolls and not properly identify each coin then attempt to create the allure in your description that bidders might find a key date or valuable coin, or silver coins among your lots or rolls? (Y/N)

Let’s see how you did.

If  yes to number 1 then you might have your coin goggles on if you haven’t sought out another dealer’s help.

If yes to number 2 then you do have your coin goggles on and should seek another dealer or experts advice.

If yes to number 3 you might have your coin goggles unless you decided look into the information the numismatic forum members provided.

If you answered “yes” to number 4 then you still have your coin goggles on and should learn more facts about why a coin is rare and valuable.

If  yes to numbers 3, 4, and 5 then I don’t think anyone can take off your coin goggles. You honestly need to rethink your position.

If  yes to number 6 then you’re missing out on a lot of info, mostly on how to grade a coin’s condition, since price guides list values by grade and it could be any one of the values listed. You might not have your coin goggles on if you refuse to accept an honest appraisal from an coin expert or dealer.

If  yes to number 7  then you do have your coin goggles on but they can easily be removed with accurate and honest information from an expert. Coin’s are valuable because of their rarity and not because they’re old or because you were told they are valuable.

Answering “yes” to number 8 might not mean you have coin goggles on for the wrong reason, but you’re definitely wearing coin goggles. Coin grading isn’t a science but the standard is substantial and with a long track record and not just anyone can grade coins properly.

If you answered “yes” to 9 or 10 or both? Shame on you! Not only do you have the worst case of coin goggles ever, it will take a surgeon to remove them. Furthermore you have no business owning coins, let alone selling them, and should be doing jail time!

Furthermore, if this test offends you then you’re definitely wearing coin goggles and must not care to learn the truth, don’t know it, or don’t care.