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British New World Issues
Sommer Islands (Bermuda)

1615-16 16 PENCE Sommer Islands Sixpence, Large Portholes


“New England” Coinage 1652 


Willow Tree Coinage (1653-1660)

Oak Tree Coinage (1660-1667)

Pine Tree Coinage (1667-1682)



Lord Baltimore Coinage


New Jersey

St. Patrick or Mark Newby Coinage


Coinage Authorized By British Royal Patent

American Plantation Coins


Coinage Of William Wood

Rosa Americana Coins


Virginia HalfPennies

1773 Virginia 1/2 P


Early American And Related Tokens

Elephant Tokens Circa 1672-1694

Carolina Elephant Tokens (Bolen Copy)

London Elephant Token

New England Elephant Tokens


(Undated) New Yorke In America Token


Gloucester Tokens


Higley or Granby Coppers


Hibernia-Voce Populi Coins


Pitt Tokens


Rhode Island Ship Medals



John Chalmers Issues


French New World Issues


Coinage of 1670

Coinage of 1717-1720

Billon Coinage of 1709-1760

Coinage of 1721-1722

French Colonies in General

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