Buy Gold And Silver Now

buy gold and silver

I don’t care why it’s down, don’t really understand why either (people are still buying at record numbers), but silver and gold values are down. The experts can blame China, the USD or Santa Claus for all I care, the fact is, silver and gold is a great bargain right now; thanks to the powers that be.

You should be buying silver and gold, but most of you won’t because of Christmas, then when they goes up after Christmas, and you regret that you didn’t buy. Yes, most people wait until it goes up then jump on the buying bandwagon. That’s the worst thing a person can do!

So I would buy silver or gold now, but you should know a couple things before you buy.

  • Don’t just buy from any dealer, shop around for the best deals and look at the reviews for dealers. You can also join Facebook coin groups and ask around. You will find collectors who know which dealers are worth your time and money.
  • Don’t be afraid of ebay because you can get some of the best deals going. As a matter of fact, ebay might be the best place for a bargain on silver and gold. Just read the sellers feedback, and ask around and shop around. I also recommend that you don’t buy any gold and silver from a seller from another country unless they’re well known in the business.
  • You should also learn about fakes and counterfeits and at the very least learn the actual date and mint marks minted for the coin type, denomination, and date and mint mark. If you see a date and mint not listed here then it is fake or a fantasy piece. Here’s some more help on fake and counterfeit coins