I hear of so many people complaining about ebay’s auction fees and I can understand this issue since I have sold at ebay for over eleven years. However, the internet offers several alternate auction sites to sell items for profit.

I realize that these alternate auction sites don’t have the same amount of traffic as ebay, but that’s because everyone continues to think this way. If everyone that thought this would pick just one site to list their coins and collectibles then it would gain the traffic so their items would sell for a fair market value.

I found such an auction site: No buying bids, no final value fees, no hidden fees or anything in small print to steal your slim profit margin. As a matter of fact, I recently listed several coins on this auction site, sold a few coins, and my bill was only $4.75! I could never do that anywhere else.

Currently, it’s the fastest growing coins and collectibles auction site on the internet, so why wait? It’s like selling at ebay before they became to big a company, went public and now have to charge a lot of fees to please investors. Why wouldn’t you want to get in on the newest version of ebay for coins and collectible auctions?

Ebay is great, but it was greater when it was first launched and this site is what ebay used to be, low upload fee, low fees period and extremely easy to list and use without all the complicated policies and rules.

Although there’s rules to follow on any site, they don’t always make sense, especially the policies and rules for coins and collectibles. The reason for this is the people who come up with the rules and policies don’t have years of experience in the coins and collectibles market, so they make “umbrella” policies and rules to cover everything as equal, but this allows for too many loopholes.

You don’t have this problem at CU (Collector’s Unleashed) because they have years of experience in the business and in collecting, plus a membership base that’s extremely knowledgeable. The rules there make sense and protect against scams, fraud and unscrupulous coin and collectible selling practices. Plus,┬ásellers and buyers are treated equal on this auction site, so neither has the advantage of leaving nasty feedback and the other just has to just lump it.

It’s also not a warehouse auction site that’s owned by a company that lists their own large purchase for sell. It’s an actual auction site where people like you and me can list items and bid and buy. It’s just that simple and easy.

Furthermore if a site is advertising on national TV then you know they’re already able to spend millions of dollars just to get you to visit their site. So don’t patronize the millionaire’s auction site since they only have profit and their deep-pocketed investors in mind.

If you really want to know what I am talking about then visit this website to see the truth and get the most money selling coins and collectibles Collector’s Unleashed Auction House

Just to let everyone know I was not compensated for promoting this auction site. I know the owner and founder personally and have listed coins on his auction site, so I know their fees can’t be beat.