is NOT a coin auctions website, we are CoinHELP! for United States coin collectors.

However we are still much more than that and offer coin guides, facts, news, pictures, price guides, third party grading information, and targeted ebay coin auctions for every major U.S. Coin series minted. If you can't find the coin or information you need, send us an email and we will find the information for you. Let us do the research!

Targeted Coin Links:
First, let's talk about our targeted ebay coin auctions. Simply put, we do the ebay coin auction search for you. We spent months building links at ebay for every U.S. Coin series, and often for each date in the series. We did our best to eliminate irrelevant coin auctions so the user can click a link and go directly to only the coin type or date they wish to buy.

Although, our searches are not perfect because some coins are so rare that they are not listed on ebay often, and there are many sellers on ebay that use keyword spamming in their ebay auctions. However, most of our searches have eliminated this problem, so you don't have to spend hours trying to find the exact coin you need for your collection.

Plus, the sales generated from these links allow us to continue providing all the free information on this website.

If a certain date is not listed on ebay after you click a link, it means one is not listed at the present, but might be in the near future. So always check back often so you don't miss out on an opportunity for that rare and valuable coin!

Facts And Pictures:
We offer a page for every U.S. Coin series. A list of the page links can be found by clicking the Coin Facts tab on the navigation bar, or look at them here Coin Facts. Our coin facts pages offer the collector large pictures with important features pointed out so the mint mark, designer initials, denomination, and other design elements to allow for proper identification of coin type and varieties of that coin series. Also, each page contains important facts about the coin type, a list of rare and valuable dates for "cherry pickers", a price guide and the targetable links we mentioned earlier.

We add new information to these pages often, and at site visitors request. So check back to see what's new or ask to be added to our email list and receive email updates and contained in our Newsletter.

Coin Price Guides With Mintages:
Offering the latest coin value averages for all US Coins. This average compiled using the latest final bid value from all major online coin auctions and from the top four grading services; PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG.

US Coin PhotoGrading Guides:
Full color images for every coin type and for all the most popular grades.

Mint Error Coins:
We offer images of all major US Mint Errors.

Coin Guides:

We offer indepth reports and guides, mint error discoveries, third party grading services, and offer guides on featured coin types, mint errors, fake coins, cleaning and identifying cleaned coins, grading coins, and many more guides to help the collector be better informed and make sound purchses. Basically we report on the major sales and finds, and on the obscure facts which allows us to offer information and guides you can't find anywhere else.

In conclusion, this is about us in the brief, but in no way describes what we do completely as we our always updating and adding to CoinHELP! to make the coin collector's hobby more informative, exciting and safe. We gladly answer questions and take suggestions because only you, the visitor, know what makes a good coin site, a great coin site.

Welcome to CoinHELP! about us!
The domain was purchased by Daniel Malone in May 2007 and he built his first page of his CoinHELP website that very day. What started out as a hobby eventually became a full time job of providing and building an important resource for collectors of United States Coins.

Mr. Malone has been in the coin business and collecting all his life and is a third generation numismatist, following in the footsteps of his late grandfather Lawrence Homer, plus his still living father Donald Malone.    

Since his website's inception Daniel Malone has used CoinHELP website to help coin collectors save thousands of dollars on their purchases, and will help you as well. So send him an email, or join his free forum and post questions, or visit the numerous guides, articles and images to help you determine the value and condition of your coin or coin collection.

Mr. Malone also owns sister sites to CoinHELP:,