2007 Silver Eagle Value – SAE Bullion Coin Price Guide

2007 Silver Eagle Value is melt plus a premium ungraded and if graded MS69 is worth $30. Coins must be graded and certified by PCGS or NGC to be worth near retail premiums with MS70 being rare.

A rule of thumb for raw Silver Eagles value is to take their current melt value and add $5 to $7. The exception is coins from the 1990’s and 1980’s since they have a premium over coins from 2000 and later.

2007 Silver Eagle Value

Silver Eagle Melt Value


American Silver Eagles are known for being certified in First Strike and Early release holders. A few are even signed my Moy and Mercanti among other Mint Engravers, celebrities and PCGS founders. These can often add a premium but most do not add more than $5 or $10, but a select few are more rare.

Be on the lookout for Fake Silver Eagles

Obverse design by Adolphe A. Weinman for the Half Dollars issued from 1916-1947. John Mercanti created the reverse design.
Composition: .9993 silver, .0007 copper
Weight: 1 oz. pure silver (31.101 grams)
Diameter: 40.6 mm

Mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco, West Point

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