1998 Wide AM – 1999 Wide AM – 2000 Wide AM Lincoln Cent Pennies

1998 Wide AM – 1999 Wide AM – 2000 Wide AM Lincoln Cent Pennies

wide am lincoln cent1992 and 1992-D Close AM (Normal Issues are supposed to be wide AM) All issues from 1959-1992 should have wide AM in AMERICA

Here are the proof versions that are supposed to be Wide AM but have Close AM in AMERICA: 1998-S PR (FS-01-1998S-901), 1999-S PR (FS-01-1999S-901)

1994-2008 should all be Close AM but these dates are sometimes found with Wide AM in AMERICA, which is a proof reverse: 1998 (FS-01-1998-901), 1999 (FS-01-1999-901), 2000 (FS-01-2000-901).

Since the Wide AM business strike coins are actually proof die reverses then there’s another way to tell if it’s an actual Wide AM and that’s the designer initials. See images below.
1999 Wide AM

1999 Wide AM Lincoln Cent
Note: When looking for Wide AM varieties make sure you turn the coin in the light so you can see if there’s a space or gap in between the A and M of AMERICA. The same when looking for Close AM’s since abraded dies can often make the AM and appear closer together, but it’s not a Close AM. It’s the reason you must also examine the designer initials (FG).On a true Wide AM the designer initials will be closer to the Memorial and the G will have an inner serif and a tail coming off the lower part of outer circle.
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