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In 1982 the US Mint minted several different varieties of Lincoln Cents, some with 95% copper, 5% zinc planchet properly called brass planchets, and some with copper plated zinc planchets 97.6% zinc and 3% copper plating .

Only the 1982-D Small Date was not struck on a brass planchet but after 34 years one has finally been discovered. It has created a bit of confusion since there’s seven different varieties. However, it is the 1982-D Small Date that should not be brass and it must weigh 3.11 grams or 48 grains otherwise it’s a copper plated zinc planchet. All other date and mint varieties for 1982 were minted with both alloy versions.

1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date | Large Date

1982 Small Date Cent

Here’s images comparison between the large and small dates. Just not the small date version has the crook in the 2 stem and the large date is more straight.

1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date | Large Date

1982 Large Date Cent

Here’s the list and to keep this as simple as possible there’s actually three different date sizes or fonts.

1982 Large Date Brass

1982 Small Date Brass

1982-D Large Date Brass

1982 Large Date Zinc

1982 Small Date Brass

1982-D Large Date Zinc

1982-D Small Date Zinc

1982-D Small Date Brass (Only One Known)

A further note the 1982 copper plated zinc planchets are known for plating bubbles and split plating. The US Mint was still perfecting this process and sometimes the copper plating didn’t adhere to the zinc planchet properly and formed gas bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

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