1944 Lincoln Cent Struck Steel Planchet Mint Error
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1944 Lincoln Cent Struck Steel Planchet
1944 Lincoln Wheat Cent Struck on a Steel Planchet, graded AU55 by PCGS, weight 2.77 grams

Heritage writes an interesting comment on their origin an I quote, "The plausible origin of the off-metal cents of World War II, 1943 pieces in bronze and 1944 in steel, is among the most time-honored tales in American collector circles. A handful of unused planchets of the previous year's alloy, hidden in the crevices of the tote bins that held blanks, came loose and mixed with the others. It happened at every mint in both years, creating six varieties coveted by collectors today".

It's important for the collector to watch out for fakes since some where created as zinc coated copper planchets and some where even coated in mercury. So if you think you have an off-metal coin it's best to send it to a reputable grading service to have it examined and for certification and authentication.
Sold for: $11,500.00 (includes 10% BP ) Auction Ended On: Feb 22, 2001 

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