1944 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value

1944 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value

1944 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny is worth a few cents and are very common in circulated grades. A MS64 (Mint State) is worth $1.50 with brown and red brown examples bringing less.

1944 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value1944 D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny is one of the most mistaken coins, the steel versions are not rare nor valuable in even low mint state grades. It is the copper dated 1943 that is rare and valuable and you can discern the copper plated using a magnet. The US Mint did not plate coins in copper in 1943.

The values listed here are for brown coins but in red/brown or red the coins will be worth more. Also, valuable examples will need to be graded by PCGS or NGC grading companies.

Lincoln Wheat Cents are often called pennies and where minted from 1909 to 1958 with the exception of 1943. In 1943 they were struck on steel planchets. The alloy is often referred to as copper but technically the composition is bronze (see specifications below).

Lincoln Cent G4 Good Wheat Penny Value
G4 BN (Good Brown)

Images of Brown, Red Brown and Red Cents

Red Red Brown Lincoln Cent

Designer: Victor David Brenner
Diameter: 19 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 95%, Tin and Zinc – 5%
Weight: 48 grains (3.11 grams)

More Lincoln Wheat Cent (Penny) values

*Damaged, cleaned or even un-graded (raw) coins will trade for less. Often a damaged or cleaned coin will sell for up to 50% less than listed values.

Varieties: 1909 VDB Doubled Die Obverse

Photo Grade

VG (Very Good)
F (Fine)
VF (Very Fine)

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