1909 S/S Over Horizontal S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value

1909 S Over Horizontal S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value depends on if the coin is red- red and brown or brown, and in that order (Image examples below). An example in G4 (Good) is worth an average of $75 and an MS64 Red (Mint State) $650, and all other grade values will fall somewhere in between those two.

1909 S Over Horizontal S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value
FS-1502 (FS-012.3)

The S/Horizontal S is called an RPM or Repunched Mint Mark and is the result of the first S mint mark to be punched in the wrong orientation and then correct with another attempt in the correct position. (All mint marks where hand punched into the dies prior to 1990.)

Variety Facts:
There’s two different versions of the S over S, the FS-01-1909S-1501 (012.2) or CONECA: RPM-001 and this is not the horizontal RPM but is much rarer. The S over Horizontal S is attributed as FS-01-1909S-1502 (012.3) or CONECA: RPM-002.
1909 S Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value
MS RD (Mint State Red) $650 MS64 Red
Lincoln Cent G4 Good Wheat Penny Value
G4 BN (Good Brown) $75

Images of Brown, Red Brown and Red CentsRed Red Brown Lincoln Cent

Designer: Victor David Brenner
Diameter: 19 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 95%, Tin and Zinc – 5%
Weight: 48 grains (3.11 grams)

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*Damaged, cleaned or even un-graded (raw) coins will trade for less. Often a damaged or cleaned coin will sell for up to 50% less than listed values.



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