1864 Indian Head Cent Penny Value – L On Ribbon Key Date

1864 Indian Head Cent Penny Value – L On Ribbon Key Date

1864 Indian Cent Value L On Ribbon

1864 L On Ribbon Indian Head Cent Penny Value is worth $40 in G4 (Good) grade and can be worth up to $1385 in MS60 (Mint State). If coin is worn you can still tell it is an L by the pointed bust. Coins that are not graded or certified by PCGS, NGC, ANACS or ICG will often sell for less than listed price. More Indian Head Penny values

1864 Indian Head Cent Penny Value depends on if the coin is cleaned or not, what grade it is and how many the mint made for that year.

Also how many have survived from circulation and the demand for the year and grade plays a part in value.

1864 L also has pointed bust so if the L is worn off you can still ID the 1864 L by the bust shape.
1864 L

If a coin is mint state or uncirculated then three conditions also help determine value: Red (RD), Red-Brown (RB) or Brown (BN).


1864 Indian Head Cent Penny Value, L On Ribbon, can increase if the coin is a variety. 1864 RPD FS-2304 S-5 (006.5) – 1864 RPD FS-2305 S-2 – 1864 RPD FS-2301 S-1 (006.7) – 1864 RPD FS-2302 S-3 (006.71) – 1864 RPD FS-2303 S-4 (006.72) – 1864 RPD FS-2306 S-10 (006.73)

Acronym Meaning: RPD (Repunched Date) – MPD (Misplaced Date) – DDO (Doubled Die Obverse) – DDR (Doubled Die Reverse) FS (Fivas-Stanton) – S (Snow).


Indian Head Cent Penny Value good or G4 grade

Good (G):
Minimum: All rims are distinct from the fields.
Maximum: Two letters of LIBERTY are visible.
G-6 may be used to indicate exceptional pieces, say if many feathers show detail but few letters of LIBERTY are readable. The dividing line between G and VG coins is the detail in the LIBERTY.

More photo grading images


Type 3

Bronze (1864-1909)

Designer: James B. Longacre
Diameter: 19 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 95%, Tin and Zinc – 5%
Weight: 3.11 grams
Edge: Plain

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