1860 Round Bust Indian Head Cent Penny Value

1860 Pointed Bust Indian Head Cent Penny Value
Round Bust Tip

1860 Round Bust Indian Head Cent value is $10 in good and increases with grade and condition. Expect damaged or cleaned coins to trade for less. Values can attain $155 or better for coins that grade almost uncirculated (AU) and even more in mint state (MS).

1860 Round Bust Indian Head Cent values are also determined by three grade conditions when the coins are in mint state grades. These designations are as follow: Red (RD) and this is the most well preserved and valuable condition, Red Brown (RB) is next and Brown (BN) is the least in value. Colors can vary based on the grading service that encapsulates the coin and coins can tone in the grading service holders. See illustration below.

Indian Head Cent Value

Indian Head Penny Cent Value
About Good (AG3)
Variety 2 Oak Wreath Reverse (1860-1864)
Designer: James B. Longacre
Weight: 4.67 grams
Composition: .880 copper, .120 nickel
Diameter: 19 mm
Plain edge, no mint mark and struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

Indian Head Cent Values Main Chart

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