Liberty Head Gold Dollar
Indian Head, Small Head Gold Dollar
Indian Head, Large Head Gold Dollar
Indian Princess Head $3 Gold
$4 Gold Stella
U.S. Gold Coin Image Identification Guide

1829 Capped Head Gold $2.50
1810 Capped Bust $5.00 Gold
Liberty Cap, Facing Right Quarter Eagle
Capped Draped Bust Quarter Eagle
Capped Bust Quarter Eagle
Classic Head Quarter Eagle
Indian Head Quarter Eagle
Capped Liberty, Facing Right, Half Eagle
Capped Draped Bust Liberty Half Eagle
Capped Head Liberty Half Eagle
Liberty Head Half Eagle
Classic Head Half Eagle
Indian Head Half Eagle
Indian Head Eagle
Liberty Head Eagle

Capped Head, Facing Right Eagle
Quarter Eagle = $2.50
Half Eagle = $5.00
Eagle = $10.00
Double Eagle = $20.00
Bullion Gold
Bullion Gold Eagles $5, $10, $25, $50
Bullion Gold Buffalos $5, $10, $25, $50
Gold Coin Facts - Images
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