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Top 5 Coins Sold At Amazon

Top 5 Coins Sold At Amazon

Amazon has came a long way in their listing of coins but there’s still room for improvement on the prices, and eliminating sellers who are taking advantage of novice collectors or people who are just buying gifts for a coin collecting loved one. After this list I will give you an example of a glaring issue I see on Amazon now.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled based on Amazon labels of best seller and how many reviews and stars from buyers.

1. 2016 American Silver Eagle. This coin is a perennial favorite among collectors and investors alike. I compared prices and they’re about the same with free shipping when buying just one coin. Other sellers and dealers will have special sales and deals on these but they also charge shipping and sometimes sales tax. So for a prime member this would be a decent deal.

2. Is also 2016 American Silver Eagle but in a lot of 5 coins and you can often get better deals when you buy these in lots. If you’re a Prime members and get free shipping then you can buy all five Silver Eagles for $23.42 each. I also noticed that as I am writing this and since I am a Prime Member that I can get an additional $50 off this lot and only pay $13.42 each!

3. 1976-s Clad United States Proof Set by Great American Coin Company. It seems proof and mints sets enjoy many great reviews and seem to be popular sellers at Amazon.

More US Proof and Mint Sets at Amazon

4. Morgan Dollar Circulated 1878-1904 Dollar Very Good by Great American Coin Company. It has the most and highest reviews but the last three are bad, so buy at your own risk or shop around.

5. Presidential Golden Dollars in year runs have high reviews. The coins were minted from 2007 through 2016 and each year features 4 different US Presidents. If not a good investment then a nice method of teaching about all the presidents and the history of their lives and times.

More Presidential Dollars At Amazon

 Now for the part I told you about, one of the biggest cons going at Amazon, and this seller is finding any anomaly they can find on a coin and calling it a “Discovery” variety coin. Just remember for every hand full of coins you go through you can find “something” on the coin and it would not be fair to collectors to label each one as a rare discovery coin and try to elicit a large premium. Die cracks and such are common and there’s an actual process to verify errors and varieties professionally, and many of these coins can be found if you buy a collections, rolls and lots.

Here’s the link and visit at your own risk

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