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The US Platinum Coins begin their run in the year 1997 and until the present, and consist of .9995% platinum and unlike its counterpart, the American Gold Eagle, the Platinum Eagle is minted in the denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100. This makes the $100 Platinum Eagle the highest denomination of any US Coin in US history.

Not only is the $100 Platinum Eagle boast the highest denomination for any US Coin, but all the Platinum bullion coins, from $10-$100 can boast the lowest mintages figures for most United States Coin! None have a mintage higher than the 1998 $100 at 133,000, with the lowest being the 2009 $50 at 3,600, the rest of the dates and denominations where minted merely in the thousands as well.

The best aspect of these low mintages is that collecting Platinum Eagles hasn't caught on, and their numismatic value doesn't reflect their low extremely low mintages, like it has with all other U.S. Coins. So, now is the time to buy Platinum Eagles while they're still affordable.

As are all US Bullion Coins, the Platinum Eagles are the only bullion coins in the world that are guaranteed for their weight, content and purity and are the most purchased bullion coins in the world. This fact makes the Platinum Eagle the most collected platinum bullion coin. All Proof Platinum Bullions coins are minted at the West Point Mint and this is designated by the "W" mint mark, which is located in various locations on the reverse of each coin.

The obverse design features a bust of The Statue of Liberty and the reverse features a flying eagle with Earth and the Sun in the background. Beginning in 1998 the reverse of the proof issues were changed and called "Vistas of Liberty" and consisted of five different design changes spanning 1998-2002: 1998 Eagle Over New England, 1999 Eagle Above Southeastern Wetlands, 2000 Eagles Above America's Heartland, 2001 Eagle Above America's Southwest, 2002 Eagle Fishing in America's Northwest.

In 2003, a new design for the proof reverse were was chosen, and a new reverse design has been selected each year to date. The first year, 1997, was the only year that the proof and business strike Platinum Eagle had the same reverse design.
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