Designer: Anthony de Francisci

Diameter: 38.5 millimeters

Metal Content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 412.5 grains (26.7 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mint mark: None (for Philadelphia) below the ONE on the reverse

1922-S Peace Dollar

Mintage:  17,475,000

1922-S Peace Dollar
1922-S Peace Dollar Reverse
1922-S Peace Dollar Values
More Peace Dollar Values By Date/Mint
Date           Mintage    VF30  EF40  AU55  MS60  MS63  MS64  MS65   MS66

1922-S    17,475,000     $28    $29     $32      $35     $55     $225  $2,000  $18,000
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