U.S. Coin Mint Error & Variety Images, Values
Mint errors are found often and even more so are nonmint errors, or post mint damaged coins (PMD), found in pocket change, rolls and collections. It's not easy for most people to distiguish the difference between PMD or an actual mint error. A collector looking for mint errors should study the minting process and how and when an error occurs during the minting process. Here's a brief history and explanation of the US Coin Minting Process.

CoinHELP! provides information to help collecotrs identify real mint errors verses post mint damage and what errors are worth the most money. The vast majority of mint errors are not rare enough to be worth much money, then the grade and condition of a coin with a mint error is another value factor. Furthermore no mint error is going to realize their value potential unless it's certified and attributed by PCGS, NGC or ANACS, you can believe you have a valuable mint error, but unless it's attributed as such by a top tier grading service then their value is just a guess and will not be taken seriously by serious collectors.

We all want our mint errors to be worth money, but the mint errors worth the most are rare, have a large collector's following and have got some press from the Numismatic experts and publications. So join our coin forum to discuss coins or ask for help about coin, variety or error CoinHELP! Forum, let us help you identify, value and discuss possible mint errors you migth have found.
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Do you know how coins are made and how mint errors occur? If not or you're just having trouble understanding the minting process then here's the information you need U.S. Coin Minting Process