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NGC Bound: Rare Gold & Silver World Coins

We don’t often have rare gold coins from around the world walk in the shop with a pedigree. Recently these coins came in and were sold in the 1970’s through Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc.

Bowers is a huge name in numismatics, one of the biggest names to be exact. We were proud to buy these coins.

I obtained copies of the original auction catalog and will be sending to NGC. I hope NGC will add the provenance, Stanislaw Herstal and Scott Collection, to the labels.

This is a Great Britain, 1713 Queen Anne (3rd Head) gold guinea and the highlight of the lot. I did some research and could not find a nicer example that has sold since the Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc auction.

So I am excited to see what grade this coin brings.

Here’s an Arcadius (395 – 408 A.D.), Gold Solidus, and I often see silver and bronze ancient coins but not the gold.

I am not partial to the design myself but interesting to send off such an old and gold coin. One thing readers should now is age has less to do with value than the mintage and survival rate of a coin.

Although this Arcadius is valuable it is not worth as much as the 1713 gold guinea before it, despite the fact it is much younger.

This is a Calabrea, Tarentum in silver (circa 272 – 235 B.C.), note the B.C. as this is the oldest coin of the lot and worth the least of them all.

When these coins come back I will be sure to update on what NGC has to say and add some pictures. So stay tuned.

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