Barber Design Coin Photo Grading
Disclaimer: This is just a guide to give you an idea of what your coin might grade. Often coins will grade higher on one side vs. the other. In example, it's possible for a coin to grade G4 on its obverse, but grade VG8 on its reverse. Also, this guide is not a claim that one's coin will obtain any grade listed if submitted to a third party grading service.
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MS63 Mint State Grade Barber Dime Image
MS63 Mint State Grade Barber Quarter Image
MS65 Mint State Barber Half Dollar Grade Image
Use images of each grade to help grade your Barber Head US Coins. All of these coins were graded by either PCGS, NGC and some by ANACS and we chose the best images to represent each grade. However, these are just images, and for a gaining general idea of what each grade looks like.

Often images are incomplete representations of a coins grade and appearance so keep that in mind when examining these PhotoGrade images.
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